Running With Pitchforks

A Multi-Media Farming Conglomerate

Episode #1 : Tomatoes are Dying, We Are Crying. Welcome!

Welcome! Evan and Travis reminisce about their failed tomatoes, and give tips on how to avoid this yourself. There is also talk of terrorists, and the worst customer in the history of dining-out. Fun!


Aww, Schuks. Gettin’ Fame-Fame, Ya’ll

Our mission statement of “obtaining monopolistic control over the media” is currently panning out pretty well.

Check out an interview with your’s truly, Evan Driscoll, in the St. John’s local newspaper. I complain about things. I also use words!

You can get bored here.

Also, this just in from my roommate: “Wayne Smith’s belt buckle page 1 below the fold.  interview w/ ED, somewhere in the back just before the ad w/ a giant hot dog.”

Also, I’m recording the first episode of RWP- The Show tomorrow with Travis. I got a nice microphone and everything! Hopefully, Travis’s dogs will settle down (they went a little nuts-o during the pilot episode [never to be released, by the by]).

These are all very exciting things!

I Love You,


Running With Pitchforks – The Show!

Get ready for a weekly blast of terrible talk-show goodness, comin’ at you from the digital podcast world.

Travis ‘Wermz’ Schuster and I will be hosting a talk show on the subject of farming! Keep an eye out for next week’s debut!